7 Reasons NOT to leave your Dog in the Car

Posted by wadmin on Monday, June 1, 2015
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Summer has arrived and during the nice weather we all enjoy taking our dogs with us wherever we go. We also want to keep our dogs safe, and that might mean leaving your pet companion at home if your going somewhere dog’s are not welcome. With the temperature on the rise please read over the facts about Why not to leave your dog in the Car below.  

1. Cars Aren’t Cool

A car’s temperature will rise approximately 40°F in an hour, even on a relatively cool 72°F day. 

2. Cars Heat Up Fast!

Most of a car’s temperature increase is within the first 30 minutes. 

3. Windows Don’t Help

Cracking your windows doesn’t stop the heat from increasing. In a paper in the journal Pediatrics, it was shown that cars with the windows cracked still reached the same temperature as those with the windows closed. 

4. Your Car Becomes an Oven on Hot Days

On a hot day, cars can reach 120°F in just a few minutes. 

5. Shade Doesn’t Help

Dogs can succumb to heatstroke even when the car is in the shade. 

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SRC: Learn more reasons Not to leave your dog in the car at: www.petfinder.com/dogs/dog-care/gallery-7-reasons-to-never-leave-your-dog-in-a-car-summersafetytips/


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