Gardening for Healthy Pets

Posted by wadmin on Wednesday, May 20, 2015

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The way you care or don’t care for your yard effects your pet’s health. When cats or dogs eat grass they are attempting to sooth an upset stomach but most of our lawns are grown with herbicides and pesticides, causing more harm than good. Learn what you can do to make your yard more hospitable for your pet below.

— Keeping compost in closed containers. Garden wastes can make your pets sick if eaten while decomposing.

— Mowing grass frequently to keep flea and tick numbers down.

— Avoiding standing water that might contain bacteria, parasites, worms and mosquitoes.

— Storing hazardous materials in a safe place.

— Washing your pets’ paws with water after taking wintertime walks. Salt from melted ice can sicken them when ingested.

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