3 More DIY Fun Toys for Your Kitty

Posted by wadmin on Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Gresham Animal Hospital_3 More DIY Fun Toys For Your Kitty

One thing we can all agree on in regards to our feline friends, is that no matter how much money you spend on toys, cats are just as happy playing with the box the toy came in. For that reason, we suggest these three super-easy, super-fun DIY cat toys your kitty will love.

The Cardboard Palace

It’s established that cats love boxes. Lean into your cat’s prediction for cardboard by creating a box-castle for them. Cut out windows and a door to create a little house or draw a funny scene on one side and cut out holes your cat can poke their head out. Pure Instagram gold.

Atomic Pipe Cleaner Balls

This DIY toy is so easy to create, your children can participate. You can use primary colored pipe cleaners, but metallic or shiny pipe cleaners will mesmerize your feline for hours. Expect these to get batted around pretty ruthlessly, so make an afternoon of it and make more than a few.

Toilet Paper Roll Trifles

The humble toilet paper roll is capable of becoming no less than four stellar cat toys. You can slice it into rings and create balls your cats can bat back and forth, or you can use those same rings as singular toys that will jump away from your cat’s aggressive swats. You can fray each end of the roll to make a starburst toy your cat can gnaw at, or throw a few dry beans in it and seal the ends up for a kitty cat rattle.

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