Can Dogs Get Heatstroke?

Posted by wadmin on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Can Dog’s get Heatstroke

A dog’s fur is great for keeping them warm, but it can be problematic for some during the hot weather. Dogs regulate their heat by panting, but this is a limited way to control temperature. It doesn’t actively make them cooler, it removes heat from inside the body. If a dog’s temperature rises beyond his ability to cool down it could be fatal.


Heavy panting is a sign that your dog is at risk. As opposed to regular panting, heavy panting is a continuous open mouth with a swollen tongue on the side. Excessive drooling is another sign. This may be harder to detect if your dog is a constant drooler but you should still be able to detect what is excessive. Taking multiple breaks is your dog letting you know that he is getting too warm. Finally a fast heart rate is also an indicator that your dog is getting too hot.


If you see any of these signs make sure you get your dog into a bathtub and run cool (NOT COLD) water. Let the water continue to fill up as you run the shower over your dog. If you do not have a convenient tub use a garden hose outside. Massage your dog’s legs to increase circulation and let him drink as much cold water as he wants.

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