Caring For Elderly Dogs

Posted by wadmin on Wednesday, October 11, 2017

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Whether you’ve been together since you were both pups or you met somewhere later down the line, you and your dog are family. Caring for your dog into their old age is a sacred commitment every pet parent gets to make, and as your pets grow older, tending to them becomes a priority.

Nutritional Supplements

Keeping your dogs healthy in their golden years starts with regular visits to your trusted veterinarian and getting body condition reports at every visit. You may consider adding supplements to your dog’s diet such as fatty acids like DHA, EPA, or glucosamine and chondroitin, all of which will support their joints, and aid in mobility issues. Discuss these supplements with your veterinarian and develop a plan that will best benefit your older dog.

Maintain A Proper Diet

Try to keep your dog at their ideal weight for their age and breed(s). Overweight dogs are susceptible to heart disease, diabetes, and all manner of other weight-related maladies. Keep your dog at their ideal weight and avoid the majority of these health issues.

Don’t Forget To Brush

Remember to brush your canine’s teeth. Oral health is crucial and as dogs age, tooth decay can cause serious problems. If your dog is averse to brushing, invest in a few dental hygiene toys.

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