Choosing Companions For Your Lonely Pet

Posted by wadmin on Monday, September 25, 2017

Gresham Animal Hospital_Choosing Companions For Your Lonely Pet

When you have multiple pets who are very close, losing one can be incredibly difficult. Both you and your living pets will experience a range of grief that could be debilitating. For some families, adopting a new pet is a natural response. When you have the resources, the love, and the space to afford an animal in need, families having just lost a beloved pet can understandably want to try to fill the void left by their loss.

After a time, when emotions subside and your grief begins to ease, bringing a new pet into your family can be a wonderfully rewarding and heartening experience. There is no pet on earth who can be easily replaced, but opening your heart to a new family member may ease your sense of loss.

Committing to a new family pet can be an arduous process; when there are multiple pets and people to consider, it’s important to take the time for everyone in the family get to know the animal you’re contemplating bringing home.

Check with your local shelter about home visits. Getting to know a new pet in your home makes it far easier to judge whether they will be a good fit for your family.

Certain shelters can also afford visits with your own pets in private rooms. This offers a unique opportunity for your established pets to be introduced to a potential adoptee.

Once you’ve settled in and everyone is feeling very comfortable with your new situation, consider a visit to your trusted vet to discuss how your new pet has acclimated. Letting the team at Gresham Animal Hospital care for your pets is one of the best things you can do for their health. Our team is skilled, professional, and willing to work with your pet’s specific needs to ensure a quality experience is had by both pets and pet parents alike.

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