Cool Cats; How to Keep New Kittens Safe in Hot Weather

Posted by wadmin on Friday, August 4, 2017

Gresham Animal Hospital_Cool Cats-How to Keep New Kittens Safe in Hot Weather

First things first, congratulations on your sweet baby kitten or kittens! Kittens are such fun, frenetic bundles of electric excitement — but keeping those little bundles of fur comfortable and cool during summer months can be a challenge. Whether you’ve adopted a kitten or you’ve got a new mother to care for or both, these tips will keep them cool and comfy on those hot days.

Keep the air moving. A few small indoor fans can make a world of difference. Keeping the air cool around your little feline friends will help keep them from overheating during playtime.

Let your kitties steal away for a nap deep under the bed. Often, secluded and shady spots in your home provide a cooler more comfortable environment for over-warm kitties.

Keep the water bowl full of clean fresh water. If you’ve got a nursing mama cat to care for, make sure the water is accessible to her at all times; it might not be as easy for her to saunter across the house whenever she wants to sip some water.

Nursing mothers may need a little nursing care of their own. If your nursing mother is exhibiting signs of overheating (bright pink ears, rapid breathing/panting, shaking) move her to a tiled floor (think bathroom or kitchen), train a fan on her, and with a cool, lightly damp washcloth, mimic grooming her head, paws and back taking care to not soak her.

Create a cool-down zone by wrapping an ice pack in a thin towel or blanket and place it an open box. Stash the box in the coolest part of your house. Your kitties will appreciate the relief when they need it and, by proxy, you as well.

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