Dental Care for your Pet

Posted by wadmin on Tuesday, November 25, 2014



If you enjoy your pet’s smile then keep it nice with dental care from Gresham Animal Hospital. Just as we brush our teeth 2-3 times daily, it is best to brush our pet’s teeth daily. Toothpastes specific for pets is best. Also, like we see the dentist your pet should see a veterinarian to make sure their mouths are healthy. Read more about Dental Care for you pet below. 

70% of cats and dogs over the age of 3 have dental disease that needs treatment. Let’s catch the disease early before extractions may be needed. When your pet needs a dental procedure rest assured that they will receive the best care as with any surgical patient. This includes an intravenous catheter and balanced fluids with injectable and inhalant anesthesia; warming water blanket.  We use high-tech dental cleaning equipment specific for pets. If we do find a possible bad tooth we can get a digital x-ray of it to see if it can be saved.  Not even many human dentists use the digital X-ray technology we use for your pet to check for cavities and loose, infected teeth.

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