Finding The Best Doggy Day Care For Your Pup

Posted by wadmin on Monday, August 28, 2017

Gresham Animal Hospital_Finding The Best Doggy Day Care For Your Pup

When choosing a daycare for your canine companion, there are several things you must first consider. Every pup is different; some are rowdy, crowd pleasing, show-offs, others are timid and shy. Our dogs have wildly varying personalities, just like our human companions, and selecting the right place for them to thrive will take a bit of time, research, and dedication. But since we love our dogs, it’ll be a labor of love, right?

Determining your dog’s day-to-day needs in a daycare environment means deftly reading your dog’s cues in social situations. At the dog park, is your pup gregarious or do they keep to themselves? At home, is your dog a cuddly couch potato or are they simply waiting for the next outdoor excursion? Doggie day cares can house an environment for certain breeds to excel and thrive. Learn what your dog likes when it comes to socializing and use that info to inform your day care choice.

In the Pacific Northwest, we humans may prefer to seek shelter from the rain, but the majority of our dogs could care less if it was raining cats and dogs outside. Several area doggie daycares provide both indoor and outdoor activity areas. If your demure pooch is rain adverse, opt for an all-indoor day care with dedicated areas for nervous and timid dogs.

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Before you enroll your pup in any daycare program, it’s important to have their immunizations up to date, flea treatments in use, and health secured by your trusted veterinarian. Contact Gresham Animal Hospital before your send your pup to a daycare facility and we’ll help make sure their daycare experience is a good one. Call us at 503.666.1600 to schedule your dog’s next visit.

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