Gresham’s Best Dog Parks

Posted by wadmin on Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Gresham Animal Hospital_Gresham's Best Dog Parks

The modern dog park is so much more than a playground for our beloved, slobbery companions. It’s where we connect with our neighbors and like-minded pet lovers. We make friends there, we sip our morning coffee there, we commiserate and relate there. So, it stands to reason that each dog park, in each neighborhood of Gresham is, in fact, the best dog park in Gresham.

But, if you were to, say, consider an adventure to a new dog park (we promise we won’t tell your old dog park), these would all be great places to start.

Springwater Corridor

Starting in Portland and winding through Milwaukee, Gresham, and Boring, this park offers paved walkways, vista points, natural areas, and a considerable off-leash area.

Main City Park

Visit for the dog park, stay for the Tsuru Islands Japanese Garden. Bonus; after you run your dog, treat yourself to a frozen yogurt at Frenzi, and maybe let your pup lick the spoon when you’re done while enjoying their open, outdoor patio.

Thom Park

Sunsets are surprisingly gorgeous from Oxbow, and it’s a great place to let your water dogs splash and play after a rigorous hike.

Red Sunset Park

14 acres of lush city park complemented by a tranquil lake where you and your dog can either lounge peacefully or splash around like summertime fools.

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