Grooming Tips For Your Feline Friend #4

Posted by wadmin on Monday, May 1, 2017

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We are continuing our series of grooming tips for your cats.

Cats and their aloof nature give off the feeling they don’t need our help at all. The reality is they do need to be taken care of and one of the most important things they need is proper grooming care. Here are a few tips for getting your cat used to the necessary grooming habits they need to be healthy. The fourth one is to bribe your cat with treats to keep them excited about the grooming process.

4. Bribe them

Cats are totally bribable! It’s just finding out what it is that does it. As I said before, mine will do just about anything for a can of wet food. The very sound of it will get them to run right to me and start mewing incessantly. Some cats love treats; others will show up if you just make a divot in a blanket in a warm spot, or treat them to a play session with a favorite toy. You can use this to your advantage in keeping your cat interested in and enjoying grooming.

Finding out what your cat likes is simple enough even outside of the grooming session. If you’re not sure, experiment! Many pet stores or other pet services will offer sample packs of treats or food so you can tempt your kitty without busting your pocket book. You’ll be glad you discovered this key to your cat’s heart, too, as it will increase your bond and also give you a tool in incentivizing them in the future.

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