Grooming Tips For Your Feline Friend #5

Posted by wadmin on Monday, May 1, 2017

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We are continuing our series of grooming tips for your cats.

Cats and their aloof nature give off the feeling they don’t need our help at all. The reality is they do need to be taken care of and one of the most important things they need is proper grooming care. Here are a few tips for getting your cat used to the necessary grooming habits they need to be healthy. The fifth one is to be aware of the different strokes your cat may or may not like, so they don’t try and run away. We want this to be a pleasant experience so they don’t fight you!

5. Different strokes for different folks

Different cats will require different types of brushes at different types. Short-haired cat coats are far simpler to maintain than long-hair, obviously. If you have a short-haired cat, you probably only need to brush them once per week or so. The cat will wash and maintain its own coat otherwise and your brushing simply keeps them from constantly hacking hairballs. Increase the frequency of brushing if they are having trouble. Use a stiff-bristled brush that your cat likes–this may take some sampling, but when it comes to brushes, many cats are easy to please.

Longer-haired coats are trickier. You won’t want a stiff-bristled brush so much as you’ll want a comb, and you’ll want to brush them daily. Long-hairs will get mats, but don’t force them or rip them. If they don’t easily comb out, simply use a pair of small scissors to gently clip them out.

Finally, this should go without saying, but, brush in the direction of the coat–not opposite to it.

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