Grooming Tips For Your Pet In Fall: #2

Posted by wadmin on Tuesday, October 11, 2016


The transition to colder weather can be rough on dogs. You may need to take some extra steps in their grooming routine to make sure they stay happy and healthy this fall. Here are a few tips to help.

Protecting Paws from “The Pack”

Cold weather wreaks havoc on dog paws. For example, snow in the winter can pack between toes, causing matting and great discomfort.

Take preventative measures against “the pack” by trimming the hair between the paw pads.

“Follow the natural bone structure of the foot,” Otto said. “For clipping paws, I like to use a trimmer that is smaller in diameter, like the Andis EasyClip Mini Clipper/Trimmer. It’s compact and perfect for light-duty clipping such as around the paws.”

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