How Owning A Dog Has Health Benefits #2

Posted by wadmin on Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Gresham Animal Hospital_How Owning A Dog Has Health Benefits #2

We are continuing our series on How Owning A Dog Has Health Benefits.

Dogs are man’s best friend for a reason. There is something special about the bond between us and our dogs. Did you know that dogs can actually benefit our health? From socialization and keeping active and our physical health dogs are great! Dogs can actually help with early ailment detection and with your general physical health. Learn more about how dogs can be beneficial to our health.

Early Ailment Detection & Physical Health

A study shows that male pet owners have lower signs of heart disease, and lower cholesterol & triglyceride levels than non-owners and according to several studies, heart attack patients who have pets survive longer than those without.

Researchers have begun utilizing the canine nose as a tool in detecting illnesses in human beings. These canine practitioners have an 85% success rate of detecting cancer and alerting doctors not only to which patients are afflicted, but the location on their bodies where cancer exists. Amazingly, they call smell cancer ‘in situ’ (within the site of original origin — or at stage 0) resulting in early treatment and lives saved.

Some dogs detect low blood sugar levels and can be trained to display behavioral changes when their owners’ blood sugar drops, sometimes before patients themselves were aware of it. When detecting falling glucose levels, they nudge their owners onto eating.

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