How To Interpret Your Dogs Growls #1

Posted by wadmin on Friday, September 16, 2016

Gresham Animal Hospital_How To Interpret Your Dogs Growls #1

As much as we might wish it, dogs can’t talk like you or I. They have to use barks and growls to communicate with us and other dogs. But what do they mean? Here is how to identify a few different types of growls and what they mean.

Growling in Play

Dogs often growl during friendly play with other canines. This type of growling is typically higher pitched and shorter in length than other growls. To ensure that play is friendly, watch for the proper play signals and keep arousal levels low by taking frequent breaks.

Your dog may also growl when he plays with you. Pay attention to your dog’s body language during play — sometimes growling can indicate discomfort. Avoid rough play with hands and physical wrestling. If you are unsure about the distinction between acceptable play interactions and aggression, seek help from a professional.


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