How To Interpret Your Dogs Growls #4

Posted by wadmin on Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Gresham Animal Hospital_How To Interpret Your Dogs Growls #4

As much as we might wish it, dogs can’t talk like you or I. They have to use barks and growls to communicate with us and other dogs. But what do they mean? Here is how to identify a few different types of growls and what they mean.

Growling Out of Frustration

Your otherwise-friendly dog may growl as an expression of barrier frustration. A dog may growl or bark when he is on leash or behind a fence, even if he is comfortable with other dogs when he is off leash. Dogs who growl in these situations need to be trained to relax when on a leash or behind a fence, as territorial or frustration-based behavior can escalate over time. Your dog should never be chained up outside, as this can lead to extreme territorial and protective behavior, which puts the dog, other animals and people in danger.


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