Is Your Dog Ready For Camping?

Posted by bmedia on Wednesday, July 19, 2017

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It’s the perfect time to go camping with your dog. Here are a couple of tips that will help you prepare before you pack your sleeping bag and tent. These tips will help you assess your dog’s personality and have a few commands ready for your next outdoor adventure together.


Before you embark on a wilderness adventure, it’s important to assess your dog’s camp-readiness. Is she a lounge hound? A relaxed trip to a family-friendly campground might be the best choice. Is she a daring doggy athlete with plenty of outdoor experience? Maybe it’s time to take that week long backpacking trip you’ve been thinking about!

Be honest about your dog’s personality, and plan your trip accordingly. If you’re uncertain, try taking a few day trips and picnics before planning a campout.


The important commands that need consistent responses are:

  1. Whoa: I use this for stop, freeze, don’t move. Useful for bird dogs so they don’t flush a bird when they’re on-point; it’s also useful when they see a squirrel and start chasing it across the street. Whoa can save a life.
  2. Come: Self-explanatory.
  3. Down: Lay down, don’t move until I tell you it’s okay.
  4. Okay: We’re cool. As you were.
  5. Leave it: Whatever is in your mouth, drop it. If you’re sniffing a dead crow, don’t even think about it.

Whatever words you decide to use, you need a dog that will stop, come back, lay down, and drop the thing in her mouth.

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