Keeping Pets Safe From Poisoning This Halloween

Posted by wadmin on Friday, October 27, 2017

The Party Place_Keeping Pets Safe From Poisoning This Halloween

On that one annual day when candy floods the streets and chocolate seemingly falls from the sky, it’s important to keep our precocious pups and companionable felines safe from the possibility of chocolate poisoning. Let these tips help your family keep your pets safe during this and every Halloween.

Pet Curfew

Halloween night should be a night when all pets are kept indoors or only let out in fenced areas under strict supervision. Cantankerous pranksters, careless children, and reveling adults all pose specific risks to your pets, so once the night falls, make sure your pets are all inside and accounted for.

Keep Pets Out Of Reach

Keep energetic pets away from trick-or-treaters altogether. Before you know it, Fido could be over the threshold and helping himself to some little ghost or vampire’s candy. Maintaining space between your pets and the front door of your home is crucial—you may want to sequester your pet in another room of the house altogether.

No Bowl Left Behind

Keep your own big bowls of Halloween candy out of reach of your pets, and make sure you’ve not left remnants of a Halloween candy feast lying about for your pets to find and nibble. Once the festivities are over and the candy is stashed away, your pets can come out once again and freely roam the house.

While some pets may delight in the trick-or-treating fun, keeping them away from all the activity — and candy — will make for a safer and less stressful night for all. Want to know more? Click to learn how to prepare your anxious pet for a busy Halloween night.

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