Keeping Your Pets Safe While You Explore This Summer: #2

Posted by wadmin on Friday, May 12, 2017

Gresham Animal Hospital_Keeping_Your_Pets_Safe_While_You_Explore_This_Summer_2

We are continuing our series of tips to keep your dog safe while you explore the great outdoors together!

Summer is almost here which means exploring and hiking with your best friend! Here in Oregon, we love going out and exploring our numerous trails and hikes, camping, enjoying and being out in nature. It’s fun to take our dogs with us! There are a few safety steps you should take for your pup while you are exploring together! The second one is to keep water on hand for them and prevent dehydration.

2. Prevent Dehydration

Staying hydrated is extremely important, especially during the warmer months and during periods of high activity, so make sure you take plenty of water breaks when you’re outside. Carry a reusable water bottle that can hold enough water for you and your pet. A lightweight, collapsible bowl is convenient and easy to carry.

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