Keeping Your Pets Safe While You Explore This Summer: #3

Posted by wadmin on Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Protect Pets from the Elements

We are continuing our series of tips to keep your dog safe while you explore the great outdoors together!

Summer is almost here which means exploring and hiking with your best friend! Here in Oregon, we love going out and exploring our numerous trails, hikes, camping, and enjoying nature. It’s fun to take our dogs with us and they love it too! There are a few safety steps you should take for your pup while exploring together! Our third tip is to protect your pet from the hot elements.

3. Protect Pets from the Elements  

Paws are sensitive; hot asphalt can cause burns and sharp rocks can result in painful cuts on your pet’s paws. Use caution while you’re out on walks and test the asphalt temperature by placing your hand on it. If it’s too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for paws. If you do a lot of hiking, protective booties can offer protection from hot and rocky surfaces.

Sunburn is another risk, but it can be prevented by rubbing a bit of pet-friendly sunscreen on sensitive areas like ears and the top of your dog’s nose before heading outdoors. A little spritz on the back is also good if you have a short-haired breed.

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