National Pet Dental Health Month

Posted by wadmin on Tuesday, February 3, 2015



Celebrate National Pet Dental Health Month this February with you pet. Brushing your pets teeth will not only help their health, but it can also serve as bonding time. Over 68% of all dogs and cats over 3 years of age have some form of periodontal or dental disease. Don’t let your pet be a statistic, care for your pets teeth. Learn how to care your for pet’s teeth below or talk to your veterinarian.

These 5 easy tips can go a long way toward preventing dental disease in your dog or cat.

  • Brush your pet’s teeth every day with toothpaste specifically designed for pets, along with pet-friendly toothbrushes and other teeth-cleaning tools.
  • Ask your veterinarian about using a special tartar-control diet.
  • Choose healthy dental treats as rewards and special snacks. (Not sure which dental treats are truly healthy? Check with your veterinarian.)
  • Find chew toys that promote dental health by helping to reduce or delay tartar build-up.
  • Most importantly, ask your veterinarian about an annual dental cleaning and exam for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums!

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