Preparing Your Anxious Pet For A Busy Halloween Night

Posted by wadmin on Monday, October 23, 2017

Gresham Animal Hospital_Preparing Your Anxious Pet For A Busy Halloween Night

As Halloween approaches, many parents of nervous, timid pets may want to consider how they can keep their animal companions relaxed come trick-or-treat time. There are a few simple ways to make sure your timid pets aren’t spooked by the parade of Halloween revelers sure to be knocking on your door well into the nighttime hours.

Pet Tags Are Current

Make sure that, come Halloween night, your pet is wearing an up-to-date tag and their collar is secure. There is a risk that if your pet is in common areas adjacent to the front door, they could become so frightened that they flee. Having legible tags will help get your petrified pet back home safe.

Get Your Pet Settled And Secure

While we’re on the subject, if your pet is particularly jumpy, consider sequestering them in a room with a secure door for the night. Make sure they have plenty of food and water and have had ample time to evacuate their bowels and bladders so they can comfortably settle into a night of seclusion.

Scan The Room

Keep any candle-lit pumpkins or other fiery decorations out of reach of your timid pets. These decorations become exponentially more precarious with a jumpy, anxious pet nearby. Remember, candle-lit pumpkins are a fire hazard even if you don’t have a timid pet, so make sure you keep the flames out of your pet’s reach.

For more tips on keeping your timid and anxious pets safe, visit Gresham Animal Hospital’s blog.

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