Regular Baths Are Important To Dogs Health

Posted by bmedia on Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Giving your dog a bath can be a messy process, especially now that summer is here; It seems when they are out and about they always find something mess to get into. Baths can actually be a necessary part of a dogs health however.

“It depends on the dog. Little dogs can probably come in once a month, but the bigger dogs — well, we have some that bring their big dog in every two weeks or more,” she said. “They have more oils on their skin and more hair.”

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals website, a buildup of grime on your dog can result in some uncomfortable skin problems, like inflammation and rashes, dry or flaky skin, scabs, and other problems caused by a buildup of bacteria or parasites. Then, of course, there’s that stinky dog odor that can get worse as time between baths grows.

Dr. Corey Gut, of DePorre Veterinary Hospital in Bloomfield Hills, said not all dogs need to be bathed very often. But for those that do, the consequences of ignoring the tub can be literally sickening.

“Dogs live in the environment, and they live in the moment. They spend a lot of time outdoors getting into things, kind of like toddlers. They’re constantly walking through contaminated areas, contaminated soil and fecal materials. Keeping the coat and paws clean of debris can prevent things like germs and parasites.”

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