Safe Hot Weather Activities for You and Your Dog

Posted by wadmin on Friday, August 18, 2017

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If your high energy dog can not be convinced that it is simply too hot outside for outdoor adventures, you’re not alone. Keeping a large breed built for reckless running, jumping, and exploring confined to a house day in and day out simply because the weather is disagreeable isn’t something your brooding pooch is going to enjoy. Similarly, smaller breeds and brachiocephalic breeds may have all the same dire exercise needs but simply can’t contend with the searing heat. So what’s a pet parent to do? Here are a few ingenious activities designed to maximize playtime and minimize any hot weather maladies.

Bobbing for Dog Treats — This tip requires a considerable patio or yard, a children’s wading pool, and a handful of frozen dog treats (see our previous article, DIY Hot Weather Treats For Your Pups). Simply toss a handful of frozen dog treats in a shallow pool filled with 2-3 inches of cool water and let Fido splash away.

Hit the Beach — Sure, you could cruise to the coast, but with rivers and swimming holes around every corner, there are many great places for Spot to get a solid splashing/relaxing in the shade/more splashing routine in before the day is done.

Sprinkler Splash Zone — Again, this requires patio or yard access as it involves attaching a classic oscillating sprinkler and letting your doggo frolic in the refreshing jets of cool water. Bonus — you can skive off your duds and join your pup in good old-fashioned sprinkler spree.

The important thing is to remember to keep your pups hydrated in this hot weather!

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