Safety Tips For Getting New Dogs When You Have Kids: #3

Posted by wadmin on Wednesday, March 1, 2017

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Choosing to adopt a new family member is an important decision. There are so many variables to consider like breed and lifestyle. As is the way of things, kids make this process a little more complicated. You want to make sure your new family member is a match for everybody. One important thing to do when you are considering adopting a dog when you have kids is to make sure you have a conversation with them about how dogs communicate and how the can understand what their dogs are trying to say.

3. Communication is absolutely vital

How do dogs communicate with their people? Talk about how dogs can bark, growl, move away, ask to play, etc. and what each of these things might mean about how your dog is feeling.

Teach your child about canine communication and the doggy body language they should be looking for. This is for the safety and security of both, your kids and your pets.

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