Things That Make You Interesting To Your Dog: #1

Posted by wadmin on Monday, February 6, 2017

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Our pets are our best friends. We love them and they love us, but to them, we do some very odd things. What are some of the things that our dogs find strange?

1. You’re most interesting when you’re cooking

Here’s that look again. You’re cutting up cabbage for your slaw and your dog gives you the deepest, longest sigh. You lock eyes. He might even throw in a gentle paw to the knee, letting you know you’re currently the center of everything and how dare you ignore him at this moment.

Of course you understand why. You control food, including the scraps that may fall to the ground. (Or in my house, the cabbage we toss as a treat.) But having a pup underfoot when cooking can prove dangerous. Teach a good backup and wait command to keep your dog out from underfoot and safe while you’re cooking.

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