Three Tips To Keep Elderly Cats Cool During A Heat Wave

Posted by wadmin on Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Gresham Animal Hospital_Three Tips To Keep Elderly Cats Keep Cool During A Heat Wave

Our revered old cats and their mystical, cantankerous ways — they need a special bit of care as they progress into their golden years. That rings particularly true in the warm summer months when overheating can become a real issue. Keeping your elderly kitty cool, hydrated, and refreshed is crucial as the temperatures rise to triple digits. Here are three ways to maintain your venerable feline’s cool that won’t break the bank, or even require a wallet at all:

Create a cool down box — Freeze a plastic water bottle that is about 3/4 full. Wrap the frozen bottle in a thin towel, rag, or t-shirt and place in a cardboard box that will accommodate your cat. Face the opening of the box toward a wall or a dark corner to preserve the coolness.

Give them an artificial tongue bath — If this proposal seems outrageous, if not a bit gross, we encourage you to read on, it’s quite innocuous. Wet the corner of a washcloth with cool water and gently groom your cat around the face and neck. Be careful not to soak kitty’s fur, use a light touch.

Make a kitty cave — If your bed sits above the ground, but not quite high enough for kitty to comfortably roost, consider raising the bed frame. Under bed areas can be considerably cooler, especially when complemented with a small fan to keep air circulating.

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