Tip #3 For Keeping Your Home Pet-Safe and Pet Friendly

Posted by wadmin on Thursday, September 17, 2015

Pet Safe Home 3

It’s very important that your pet is living in an environment that is free from health hazards. Gresham Animal Hospital would like to help you take the proper measures needed to make sure your pet is happy and healthy in your home. Read our third tip for a happy and healthy pet below: 

Rethink Your Plants
Many common houseplants are toxic to pets, so make sure your indoor varieties are pet safe. While the plants might be pretty, why risk your pets health? Plants that are known to be toxic are amaryllis, poinsettia, mums, lilies and aloes.

SRC: Read the whole article yourself at www.thenorthernlight.com/2015/09/16/tips-for-keeping-your-home-pet-safe-and-pet-friendly/