Tip #4 For Indoor Pets Venturing Outside

Posted by wadmin on Wednesday, September 9, 2015

dog safety indoors 4

Gresham Animal Hospital cares about the safety of your pets. For Pets that are usually kept indoors, certain precautions should be taken. Below is the fourth safety tip you should take when letting an indoor pet venture in the great outdoors:

Stay protected with the right vaccinations
It’s important to monitor the health and well-being of your animal companion. Scheduling regular visits to your veterinarian is a pivotal part of pet parenthood and can help accurately diagnose and safely treat certain health problems. Spending time outdoors means exposure to things like ticks, fleas and mosquitos. These pesky critters are known to transmit diseases like Lyme disease, tapeworm and heartworm – all fairly common and serious if left untreated. More than 800 Tractor Supply stores offer low-cost Pet Vet Clinics, which provide vaccine packages, de-worming, and other preventative treatment options that can save pet owners up to 70 percent on yearly vet bills.

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