Tip #7 To Make Sure You Never Lose Your Dog

Posted by bmedia on Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Losing your dog is probably one of the worst nightmares for a pet parent. Many people consider their dog as part of the family, and if that family member is lost it can be very scary. Save you and your family some anxiety and follow these 10 tips to make sure you never lose your dog. Here is Tip #7:

7. Pay Attention

The simple yet vital act of paying attention to your dog is the easiest way to prevent your dog from getting lost. There are plenty of times when you’ll take your dog out, whether it’s the park, for a walk, to a restaurant, to a friend’s house, and more. It is important that wherever you take your dog, pay attention to them and their surroundings, especially in unfamiliar locations. Also, be sure to never leave your dogs tied to bike racks, parking meters, or fences, while you go into a store. Your dog could easily slip out of its collar and get lost. It is essential your dogs are always in eyesight of you. Even when your dog goes in your own backyard you should know exactly where they are. You wouldn’t leave your child unsupervised, so why should you leave your dog unsupervised?

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