Tips For Being A Responsible Pet Owner #5

Posted by wadmin on Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Gresham Animal Hospital_Dog_washing

We love our pets. Sometimes we spoil them rotten. Other times we have to be the responsible ones. (No you can’t have the whole bag of treats, you will throw up.) Here is another tip to being a responsible pet parent.

5. Play with your dog.

Now it’s playtime!

“Play is important on a couple of levels: It addresses their physical needs as well as their emotional needs,” says Turner Bell. “Dogs are social animals, and they need interaction. It’s not enough to put down food and water and then leave them alone for 16 hours a day. They need to feel your touch, they need your attention, and you can do that out on a nice walk that also helps them physically.”

But aside from the emotional benefits of playing with your dog, canines need exercise, just as humans do. If you are worried that your dog is obese, a condition that can cause heart disease and diabetes, among other ailments, owners can tell if their pet is overweight by feeling for the ribs. If your dog feels more like “a sausage on sticks,” the animal may be at risk.


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