Tips For Keeping Halloween Safe For Pets #1

Posted by wadmin on Monday, October 24, 2016


Halloween is a fun time of year filled with treats decorations and costumes! But for your pet, it can be rather dangerous with all that extra candy lying around and extra people coming to your door. Here are some pet safety tips to keep in mind as you celebrate this time of year.

1: Do not leave candy in a place that is accessible to your pets.

Yes, even cats will try to eat chocolate which is just as fatal to them as it is to dogs.

Do not ever purposely feed your pet any kind of candy, especially if it is labeled sugar-free. Some of the sugar-free products contain xylitol (a sugar substitute) that is also deadly to pets.

2: Decorations should not be placed within pets’ reach.

Cats in particular like to chew on things with strings, such as fake cob webs and hanging decorations, but these stringy items can get caught in their intestines and have your pet feeling all tied up in knots on the inside.

On the same note, some dogs will just chew on anything in sight which can cause a foreign body intestinal obstruction. These are not only dangerous but very expensive to treat, especially if surgical removal is required.

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