Tips For Keeping Halloween Safe For Pets #3

Posted by wadmin on Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Halloween is a fun time of year filled with treats decorations and costumes! For your pet, it can be rather dangerous with all that extra candy lying around and extra people coming to your door. Here are some safety tips for your pets for this time of year.

5: Keep all lit candles and lights in jack-o’-lanterns out of reach from furry kids.

This also goes for any other candles around the house that are lit. Cats tend to be a bit more curious with candles and commonly burn their whiskers or face by sticking it into the candle. On the other hand, dogs tend to knock these things over, which can cause serious damage or a fire.

6: Test pet costumes before use.

If you plan on placing a costume on your pet, make sure you try it on her ahead of time so she can get used to it and be comfortable in it. Check for a proper fit. Ensure the costume doesn’t have hanging or loose parts, doesn’t impair sight, hearing or breathing and, finally, never leave you pet unattended with the costume on.

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