Tips For Keeping Your Pets Safe From Coyotes

Posted by wadmin on Tuesday, April 25, 2017

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Coyotes generally avoid humans as much as they can. They tend to just shy away and run away but with spring here many animals are far more active and out looking for food for their young ones. This includes coyotes which typically tend to target smaller pets like cats. Attacks are rare but there seems to have been a rise in sightings in the Portland area. There are definitely actions you can take to keep your pets safe from coyotes this spring.

Rise of the ‘catio’

Many cat-lovers believe that their feline house hunters need the outdoors to lead fulfilling lives, although this has been widely discredited by experts in the matter, and cat patios — or “catios” — have been erected in back yards everywhere.

The catio is an enclosure that allows cats to roam freely in a determined area of a house’s patio, enjoying the sunlight and fresh air, free from the threat of predators.

“Coyotes are here to stay,” said Peter Reid from Wildlife in Crisis. Reid also adds that cats, because of their size and “artificial predator” status, are the most at risk from coyotes and foxes.

“Cats shouldn’t be out anyway, cats should be inside,” he said. “Or you could build a catio.”

It’s a myth that cats are natural predators.

“A lot of the cats here are fat house cats that just go outside — they’re not predators,” he said.

“Cats have been living in human homes for millennia — they’re artificial predators, and they’re vulnerable to the real predators out there.”

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife suggests people don’t feed their animals outside and don’t keep animals in yards with low fences, especially at night. The spokesman said coyote’s won’t usually harm humans.

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